Castan & Lecca is committed to an amicable resolution of your workers’ compensation or personal injury claim. Mediation is one of the strategies that might be appropriate for you. Mediation is a negotiation that takes place with the assistance of a neutral person, the mediator.

The mediator facilitates discussion between the parties, attempting to focus them on interests and needs rather than upon positions, desires, and rights. The mediator does not make a decision regarding settlement; the decision making power resides with the parties. Although a court may order parties to participate in mediation, they are not required to enter into a settlement. The parties do not give up their right to go to court if a settlement is not reached.

The advantages of the mediation process are:

  • Quicker than going to court
  • Less expensive
  • Less adversarial
  • Greater party satisfaction
  • Parties retain control over decisions
  • High resolution rate
  • Parties retain the right to use other processes if conflict is not resolved

At Castan & Lecca our mediators have undergone extensive training and are registered neutrals under the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and well-respected in workers’ compensation and personal injury fields.

Additionally, we have Spanish-speaking mediators as well. If you are interested in scheduling a mediation for your case, please call 404-923-7570.