You are probably already aware of Georgia’s new “hands free” law that went into effect on July 1, 2018. Since most of us are guilty, at least occasionally, of using a cellphone while driving, many of us have mixed feelings about the new law. Regardless of how you feel about the law, though, we can all hope that it saves lives and makes our roads safer. Still, what exactly are the personal ramifications of this law. What exactly are the do’s and don’ts?

You may find it it helpful to take a look at Georgia’s official FAQ sheet, but we wanted to give you the basics here:


  • Hold your phone. Not in your hand, not with your shoulder and cheek. Don’t hold your phone at all while you are driving.
  • Read, write, or send messages from your phone.
  • Listen to music via earphones or headsets.
  • View social media or watch videos on your mobile device. Period. This includes Skype, FaceTime, or other video-call options.
  • Record any video (unless you have a continuously running dash cam).
  • Adjust or change any radio or internet-based music apps while you are driving, even when you are stopped at a traffic signal.

You should only have your phone in your hand when your car is parked.


  • Use an earpiece or headset to talk on the phone.
  • Use your vehicle’s bluetooth system.
  • Use your phone for GPS purposes.
  • Use voice-to-text, but keep it hands free.
  • Start your music apps before you start driving.
  • Play music that is already downloaded on your phone.
  • Control your music through your car’s radio.
  • Touch your phone to receive or end a call. (Just don’t hold it.)

We hope this helps you understand the guidelines and their impact for you personally. Be legal and be safe!