Self-Defense vs. Assault


Self-defense: it’s an important and self-evident right that can also be a legal gray area. In order to protect yourself and the people you love, you need to know Georgia’s position on self-defense, and how to avoid having the tables turned on you with an assault or battery charge.

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“Click It or Ticket” Georgia Seat Belt Laws

seat belt

The Seat Belt Story

Seat belts have been around for a long time: longer than airbags, longer than automatic transmissions, and longer than the assembly line! In fact, Volvo, a company built around passenger safety, invented and patented the first seat belt in 1889. Later, in 1959, Nils Bohlin, also a Volvo engineer, designed the standard 3-point seat belt that all vehicles use today. Realizing the enormous potential for saving lives, Volvo actually opened the patent to allow all manufacturers to use their design, and in doing so, they have saved over a million lives!

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What to Do When You’re Charged with a DUI


Just a few days ago, a reporter in the Atlanta area who was pulled over for speeding found herself in jail under DUI charges. As Georgia continues its DUI crackdown and penalties accrue long-term consequences, knowing how to respond when you’re pulled over and charged with a DUI is essential. For first-time offenders, Georgia law currently imposes jail time for up to a year, fines up to $1,000, licence suspension for up to a year, and up to 40 hours of community service. In addition to these penalties, the DUI remains permanently on the driver’s record.  

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Three Things Your Boss May Not Tell You About Workers’ Compensation


What do overexertion, falling objects, and slippery floors have in common? They’re all frequent causes of workplace injuries. For those hurt on the job, these injuries mean losing income, losing good health, and potentially losing the ability to work for a while. No one should have to lose so much because of workplace negligence, which is why workers’ compensation exists.

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